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REVIEW: Trance

REVIEW: Trance

Written and directed by  Danny Boyle (director of 8-time Oscar winner “Slumdog Millionaire “) “Trance”  is a  visually stylish  movie that begins as a typical  heist flick with more twists and turns and ups and downs than a rollercoaster .  It keeps you confused til the end, with clues sprinkled throughout. It left me in the exact state I was in  after  first viewing “Memento” and “Fight Club”. You’re gonna want to see this one again.

James McAlvoy is part of a fine art auction team  who  switches teams.  He hooks up with criminals to steal a Goya painting that’s worth millions.  During the heist, he ends up with a strong blow to the head, leaving him with amnesia. He can’t remember where he hid the prized art work. Even torture doesn’t jar his memory.  That’s where  hypnotist Rosario Dawson is brought in and the sexy, often nude,  love triangle comes in. Vincent Cassel is the third part of this equation.

With Danny Boyle’s trademark entrancing  visuals, the complicated plot is equally mesmerizing, leaving you guessing til the very end.

This one’s smart, sexy and rich . If it’s a Danny Boyle movie, it’s a must-see. He has a vision like no other and thrives on conquering new arenas.

3-and-a-half stars.


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